Lizzy delivered her first litter of puppies April 14th! All SEVEN of them are adorable! If you are interested, please contact us.

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A Little about us:

Like all families ours is comprised of many different personalities and passions. We are extremely active in the community and each of our children participate in extracurricular activities. Our family had not previously been able to have pets because of the severe allergies of one of our children. We had to find a solution, we all love dogs and our daughter couldn’t live without one! But what about our urban chickens? I set out on a research mission in hopes of finding a solution. Havanese are hypoallergenic, healthy, friendly, social, and are affectionately referred to as, “Cuban Chicken Herding Dog.” 

Meet Empress Elizabeta aka Lover Lizzy. Everyone loves Lizzy’s hugs. If you are unsure she will teach you how to love her…

Lizzy has been practicing her mothering skills along side Ebony. This is not a common occurrence we hear from other kennels… but they were a great team. 

Our Lover of all people Lizzy

Our Lover of all people Lizzy

Meet Excelsior’s Ebony The Chosen Queen, “Ebony,” our family pet and the Queen of our organization! We believe in raising healthy and happy Havanese!!